Geologic Field Conference 2016

New York Earth Science Teachers Association


Oneonta, NY

July 20, 2016

NYESTA Oneonta Housing Link

Wednesday July 20th

2 pm – 4 pm:  Registration

5pm – 6pm: Reception with cash bar in Morris Conference Center

7:30 pm – Welcome and Keynote Speaker

9 pm:  Astronomy Observations (Weather permitting)

Thursday July 21st

7:00 AM – Breakfast served in Morris Conference Center

7:45 AM – Meet at vans

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

All Day Field Trip – “Snapshots from Deep Time: Geologic History of East Central New York – Precambrian to Upper Devonian”.  Box lunches will be served.  Opportunity to collect classroom samples.

Box Lunch:

Spicy Italian Baguette

        Sliced ham, provolone cheese, & roasted peppers on a french roll with garlic mayonnaise

Grilled Tuscan Chicken Breast

        Grilled chicken breast, sharp cheddar, leaf lettuce, slice tomato on a kaiser roll

Roasted Veggie Club

        Roasted eggplant, zucchini and red pepper with fresh mozzarella and artichoke tapanade on a ciabotta roll

6:30 pm: Dinner on your own

Friday July 22nd

7:00 AM – Breakfast served in Morris Conference Center

7:45 AM – Meet at vans

8:00 AM: Vans depart for morning

Karst topography field trip.  Trip will  include a visit to Howe Caverns as well as stops for other Karst features.

12:30 PM: Vans return to Oneonta

1:00 PM: Lunch served

Roast Beef and Cheddar

        Roast beef and cheddar on a ciabotta roll with horseradish cream spread

Turkey and Sharp Cheddar

        Oven roasted turkey breast, sharp cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, slice tomato on a kaiser roll

Hummus, Avocado and Roasted Vegetable Wrap

        Creamy hummus, ripe avocado, crisp shredded lettuce, and tomato rolled is a petite soft flour tortilla

2:00 pm – 5 pm:  Afternoon Workshops –– 3 activity sessions

A - 2:00 - 2:50

A-1 Studying the Critical Zone: Where Rock Meets Life

From the bottom of the groundwater to the tops of the vegetation is where most life resides. Geologists, ecologists, climatologists and other scientists are doing 3D (NGSS) science in an NSF-funded network of Critical Zone Observatories to better understand the critical zone. This workshop will share resources for investigating the Critical Zone both in your backyard and, through Virtual Fieldwork Experiences (VFEs) at Critical Zone Observatories around the U.S. Learn more at:

- Don Duggan-Haas, Ph.D., Director of Teacher Programming; The Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth & Cayuga Nature Center 


This will include the materials will you need to get started.  Websites, resources, a sample of work.  This  workshop will include a review of current standards and a look at the draft of the New York State Science Learning Standards.  Free your class time of lecture and let your students' creativity flourish as they explore the phenomena of the world around them.   Please go to the following link so that you can start from a student's perspective.

- Rosemarie Sanders, Past-President NYESTA, SAR STANYS Westchester, Secretary NAGT Eastern Section

B - 3:00 - 3:50


This presentation will address strategies on how to modify existing Earth science  activities to address the proposed NYS Science Learning Standards.  The goal of the workshop is to show how laboratory inquiry activities can incorporate the three dimensional framework (practices, core ideas, and cross cutting) into everyday lessons.  Sample activities will include earthquake patterns, weather analysis, and index fossils.

  1. -Gary Vorwald, Vice-President, NYESTA 

B-2  Helpful Tips for Regents Part D

Quick and easy tips administering the Regents Part D Lab Practical. Organize your Regents testing kit so that your answer keys are consistent for easy set up and break down.

  1. -Renée Aubry. Treasurer - NYESTA,  Treasurer - NAGT Eastern Section

C - 4:00 - 4:50

C-1 Differentiating Earth Science Labs

This workshop focuses on differentiating laboratory experiences for your students. Your student have different learning needs.  By addressing these needs, students can have greater success in the Earth science classroom.

- Kenneth Abbott, President NYESTA, SAR STANYS Nassau

C-2 Take a Trip to the REAL Howe's Cave! Find out what's happening with the renovation of the original cave entrance in a working quarry. This site has been geared up for group tours including a trip to the top of the quarry to see glacial and karst features, a tour of the Museum of Mining, fossil bed, boulder garden and of course the cave. Photos, resources and contact information will be shared for setting up your own trip!

Becky Remis, NBCT, STANYS DAL - Earth Science

Annual Awards Dinner and Banquet 6pm – 9 pm

Morris Conference Center, SUNY Oneonta


Keynote: Dr. Les Hasbargen  "Virtual Outcrops in Earth Science: Real Data, Real Learning”

Dinner is served

NYESTA Awards –

Distinguished Service Award: Jeffrey Callister

Distinguished Teacher Award: Rebecca Remis

Meals and Transportation

Van transportation will be provided for all of the off campus events.  Using 12 passenger vans will allow us better access to some of the locations and will encourage professional discussion and conversation between field sites.

Food will be provided at the Wednesday reception in the Conference Center.  Breakfast will be served in the morning on Thursday and Friday.  Box lunches will be provided for the field trips.  We will also have drinks and snacks available during the conference.

Dinner is included with the awards banquet on Friday night.  This is a separate ticket, please be sure that that ticket is purchased.